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Cell Migration/Invasion

Cell Migration/InvasionCell migration and invasion are live cell kinetic assays useful in oncology research. The principle difference between migration and invasion is that migration refers to normal cell movement; whereas invasion describes cells actively invading surrounding tissue. It can do this under the influence of a chemoattractant gradient and secretion of proteases. There are numerous methods for performing these assays including scratch assays performed on a monolayer of cells adhered to plasticware (microplates or culture inserts) or using 3D cell culture models. BioTek’s AutoScratch™ Wound Making Tool makes reproducible scratch wounds in 96- and 24-well plates, while Gen5 3.0 software offers numerous methods of automated image analysis that can be used to quantify migration and invasion such as wound width, confluence or healing rate in the case of scratch assays; or invadopodia area for tumor invasion assays incorporating spheroid co-cultures embedded in matrigel.



HCT116 Uninhibited Cell Migration
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HT-1080 Uninhibited Wound Healing
AutoScratch Wound Making Tool



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