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TekTalk Life Science Instrumentation Newsletter - Archive

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TekTalk Summer 2018

Summer 2018


Customer Spotlight: Cayman Chemical and Southern Methodist University

Featured Applications: 3D Spheroid-Based Tumor Invasion Assay and Micro-volume Nucleic Acid Analysis using Common Assay Methods

Featured Products: Synergy™ LX and AMX™ Automated Media Exchange

Upcoming Webinar: Automated Media Exchanges for Long Term 3D Spheroid Assays Using MultiFlo FX's new AMX Module

TekTalk Spring 2018

Spring 2018


Customer Spotlight: Mechanobiology Lab Extracts New Information and Great Value from the Versatile Cytation 5 - Mayo Clinic

Featured Applications: Stimulation of IL-2 Secretion in Human Lymphocytes and Automated Cell Counting with High Contrast Brightfield and EVE Counting Slides

Featured Product: Gen5 3.04 Microplate Reader and Imager Software

Agilent and BioTek Join Forces to Improve Seahorse Metabolic Analysis

TekTalk Winter 2018

Winter 2018


50 Years of Passion and Innovation

Customer Spotlight: SelectScience Editorial Article: Beating Cystic Fibrosis – Perfecting an Intestinal Assay in the Hunt for New Gene Modulators - Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine


Featured Applications: An Image-Based Method to Detect and Quantify T Cell Mediated Cytotoxicity of 2D and 3D Target Cell Models and Using Acridine Orange to Measure Cell Death in Ethanol Treated Zebrafish Embryos

Featured Products: Lionheart LX Automated Microscope and Gen5 3.04 Microplate Reader and Imager Software

Laser Autofocus Promo

TekTalk Fall 2017

Fall 2017


BioTek's 800 TS/50 TS Giveaway Winner Announced!

Customer Spotlights: Discovering Nature’s Potential with Cytation 3 - UNIGE and Small Molecule STAT Inhibitors as New Cancer Treatments - Professor Patrick Gunning, Ph.D., University of Toronto Mississauga

Upcoming Webinar: "Quantitative Intracellular and Intranuclear Spot Analysis Using Digital Microscopy"

Featured Applications: Automated Imaging Assay for Characterizing Ca2+ Flux with R-GECO Biosensor and
Rapid Measurement of IgG Using Fluorescence Polarization

Featured Products: Micro-Volume Analysis. In your BioTek Microplate Reader!

TekTalk Spring 2017

Summer 2017


Customer Spotlights: Adding Automated Value to Specialty Zebrafish Assays - Biobide & Leveraging 3D Cancer Stem Cells to Conquer Cancer Relapse - Dr. Angel Garcia Martin and Dr. Olatz Leis, StemTek Therapeutics (Bilbao, Spain)

Upcoming Webinar: "3-Dimensional Assays: What Must Be Done for Setting Up and Validating for Downstream Microplate Reader and Imaging Applications"

Featured Application: Autophagy Analysis Using Object Spot Counting

Tek Corner: Normalization of Agilent Seahorse XF Data by In-situ Cell Counting Using a BioTek Cytation 5

Featured Products: 800 TS Absorbance Reader and 50 TS Washer & Cytation 1 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader


TekTalk Spring 2017

Spring 2017


Customer Spotlights: Time to Move Forward with Confidence in Results - Dr. Jorge Farías Avendaño, Director of Chemical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering and Sciences, Universidad de La Frontera, Temuco, Chile & Seeing a Clear Slice of Life in Crohn’s Disease - Dr. Gwendalyn Randolph

Upcoming Webinar: "Combining Automated Liquid Handling, Cellular Microscopy and Magnetic Bioprinting to Create Walk Away 3D Oncology, Stem Cell Differentiation, and Toxicity Procedures"

Featured Application: Validation of an Image-Based 3D Natural Killer Cell Mediated Cytotoxicity Assay

Tek Corner: Characterizing Calcium Mobilization using Kinetic Live Cell Imaging

Featured Product: BioStack™ Microplate Stacker


TekTalk Winter 2017

Winter 2017


Customer Spotlights: Dreaming Big When It Comes to the Possibilities - Dr. Michael Johnson, Department of Immunobiology, University of Arizona and Striking a Lethal Blow to Chemoresistance - Dr. Steve Quiros, University of Costa Rica

Upcoming Webinar: "Kinetic Proliferation Assay Using High Contrast Brightfield Imaging"

Featured Application: Kinetic Proliferation Assay Using Label-Free Cell Counting

Tek Corner: A Combined, Affordable Solution for the Performance of Automated 3D in vitro Hepatotoxicity Testing

Featured Product: Synergy Neo2


TekTalk Fall 2016

Fall 2016


Customer Spotlights: A New, Automated Path to Ask More Complicated Questions and Receive Enhanced Answers - Dr. Sachin Katyal, University of Manitoba and CancerCare Manitoba & A Simple Yet Powerful Method for Measuring Real-Time Kinase Activity - AssayQuant Technologies, Inc.

Featured Application: Automated Comet Assay Imaging and Dual-Mask Analysis to Determine DNA Damage on an Individual Comet Basis

Tek Corner: Automated Cell Image Analysis for Verification of Cell Retention during Vigorous Cell Washing

Featured Product: Automated Live Cell Imaging & Analysis


TekTalk Summer 2016

Summer 2016


Customer Spotlights: Identification and Characterization of Cancer Risk Factors Using High Throughput Cell Screening - The McManus Lab & Bringing Lab Quality Biodetection Technology to the Field - Black Ivory Biotech

Featured Application: Oridonin Perfusion Causes Cytotoxicity in U-2 OS Cells

Tek Corner: Comparison of Oridonin Cytotoxicity in U-2 OS and HepG2 Cells

Featured Products: Automate Live Cell Assays with the new BioSpa 8 & Gen5 3.0 Microplate Reader and Imager Software

TekTalk Spring 2016

Spring 2016


Customer Spotlight: Department of Environmental Science and Health at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) - MultiFlo FX Wins Over Environmental Lab

Featured Application: Analysis of the Effect of Aggregated β-Amyloid on Cellular Signaling Pathways

Tek Corner: Top 10 Tips for Cellular Microscopy

Featured Products: Lionheart FX Automated Live Cell Imager

TekTalk Winter 2016

Winter 2016


Customer Spotlight: Beckman Research Institute at City of Hope National Medical Center - A Convenient Jump Start for Anti-tumor Immunity

Featured Application: Automated Imaging and Analysis of a Novel Comet Assay to Enable High Throughput Genotoxicity Testing

Tek Corner: Analysis of Cell Retention Following Rigorous Automated Cell Fixation and Staining

Featured Products: Liquid Handling Control™ Software


TekTalk Fall 2015

Fall 2015


Customer Spotlight: Swansea University - Biocontrol of Invertebrate Pests Using Natural Agents: Investigating Host-Pathogen Interactions with the BioTek Synergy H1

Featured Application: 3D Cell Culture: A Review of Current Techniques

Tek Corner: Z-Stacking and Z-Projection using a Scaffold-based 3D Cell Culture

Featured Products: New! BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator & Gen5 2.09 Released!

TekTalk Summer2015

Summer 2015


Customer Spotlight: University of Manitoba - Researchers Look for Answers to Colorectal Cancer

Featured Application: Utility of Variable Bandwidth Monochromators for Quantification of Fluorescent Probes in Produced Effluent Water

Tek Corner: Sample Preparation for Fluorescence Microscopy: An Introduction - Concepts and Tips for Better Fixed Sample Imaging Results

Featured Product: BioTek's New Synergy Neo2 Raises the Bar for Multi-Mode Detection Performance

TekTalk Spring 2015

Spring 2015


Customer Spotlights: Stanford Cardiovascular Institute: Investigating Novel Therapeutics for Cardiovascular Disease Using the BioTek Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader & Fox Chase Cancer Center: 2014 Cytation 3 Contest Winner

Featured Application: Optimization of a Multi-Mode Detection Model for Measuring Real-time Cellular Respiration and Mitochondrial Function using Fluorophoric Biosensors

Tek Corner: Imaging and Analysis of a High Density Cell Migration Assay

Featured Product: Direct Drain Waste System for 405 and EL406 & Epoch 2 Microplate Spectrophotometer

TekTalk Winter 2015

Winter 2015


Customer Spotlight: BioTek Supports A Better Way for Life Sciences Startups

Featured Application: Automated Hemocytometer-Based Live/Dead Cell Counting using Phase Contrast and Color Brightfield Imaging

Tek Corner: Automated Color Imaging of Tissues

Featured Product: MultiFlo FX Multi-Mode Dispenser


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